What is Child Death Review (CDR)?

  • CDR is a county-level, multidisciplinary process that reviews the circumstances surrounding a child’s death in an attempt to understand how and why the child died
  • The goals are to influence policy and practice changes that:
    • Improve death scene investigations
    • Improve the delivery of services to families
    • Prevent future fatalities
  • Established in statute (PA 220 of 1995 & PA 167 of 1997), funded by MDHHS, through the CPS Program Office
  • Confidential, not subject to FOIA or Open Meetings Act
  • Designated as public health surveillance, not subject to HIPAA restrictions.

Child Death Review in Michigan:

  • 77 teams, covering all 83 counties
  • Approximately 1,400 volunteer team members
  • Teams review over 500 cases per year 
  • Almost 12,000 cases reviewed since inception
  • Teams report into a National CDR database