The purpose of Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is to conduct comprehensive multidisciplinary review of fetal and infant deaths to understand how a wide array of local social, economic, public health, educational, environmental and safety issues relate to the tragedy of infant loss; and use the findings to take action that can prevent other infant deaths and improve the systems of care and resources for women, infants, and families.

The objectives of Fetal Infant Mortality Review

  • To Examine and identify the significant health, social, economic, cultural, safety and education systems’ factors that are associated with fetal and infant mortality through review of individual cases
  • Plan a series of interventions and policies that address these factors to improve the service systems and community resources
  • Participate in the implementation of community-based interventions and policies
  • Assess the progress of the community-based interventions
  • Identify barriers to care and trends in service delivery and suggests ideas to improve policies and services that af­fect families.