Program Staff

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services established a contract with the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI) to manage the Child Death Review (CDR) program. MPHI staff helps teams with case identification, guidance on team functioning, research on causes of death, county- and cause-specific data analysis, and other types of technical assistance and support as needed. MPHI staff attends local CDR meetings to provide technical assistance and encourage prevention efforts. Program support materials produced include resource guides for effective reviews, investigative protocols, formatted local and state mortality data and a program website. In addition, the MPHI staff provide an annual training for team members and regional meetings for CDR team coordinators.

The Michigan CDR program has established working relationships with numerous diverse organizations throughout the state to promote child health and safety. The program maintains a productive working relationship with MDHHS that has led to the implementation of innovative strategies to better protect children and prevent deaths.

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